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Delhi Public School Agra

(Under the aegis of The Delhi Public School Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi)

Affiliated to central board of secondary education, New Delhi

CBSE Affiliation No. 2130568

Coordinates: 27°12'22.1"N 77°55'42.8"E


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Art 1st

"Art is the creative expression of humanity. Whatever can be interpreted in a visual form in terms of shapes, colours, figurines etc. is art."

Art 1st was introduced with a vision to create and develop learning environments that nurture and strengthen imagination, visual literacy, creative skills and cultural awareness of children and educators. The Art1st program was inducted in the curriculum of DPS Agra, in 2016. Through this program, art was taken out from the routine drawing of sceneries or figures and was given an infusion of new energy. Whereby it acquired the ability to become a powerful medium; through which we can understand ourselves and transform the world around us. We believe that everyone is born creative and curious, eager for meaningful experiences. The work done by the students over the span of last 3 years has shown progression and movement towards the vast uncharted and unknown but thoroughly intriguing and exciting world of art. Their work continually promotes the joy and transformative nature of art. The curates show exhibits at the end of every academic year, showcase the work of each child, each work being unique, distinct and special.

Book Project / Quill Club

The school is encouraging thoughts of budding writers every year through a special training course being conducted by a renowned professional writer, Mr. Hemant Kumar. Till date five books namely ‘Internal Reflections’, ‘Off the Beaten Path’, ‘Golden Rain’, ‘The Ascent’, and ‘Fireflies – stories that glow’ have been published containing the creative and fanciful expressions of our students


"A confluence of theatre and music."

What is edutainment? Edutainment, both inside and outside the classroom, helps to make learning fun. Teachers can use education and entertainment together in a variety of ways, including theatre, drama, music, and using modern technology. These methods simultaneously entertain and educate students. It gives every child an opportunity to explore, research, collect data, analyze and creatively present the information on the relevant topic


"Junoon – Art at Play with School"

We at DPS Agra, strongly believe that creativity and imagination must be unleashed to impart true education to our students. Curiosity here is never left unquenched. Junoon - Arts at Play workshop which is headed by well-renowned theatre personality Ms. Sanjana Kapoor grand-daughter of the legend Mr. Raj Kapoor is a part of school curriculum which enhances personality development. This is a weeklong workshop during which the students through joyous activities explore, discover and learn the power of teamwork and collaboration as well as the joys of free creative expression.


Clubs get a child involved in a team in school which help them learn how to work with others from an early age, and teach them important social skills. Clubs also help them in school; during the class, to participate in group work so as to develop their team building skills. Joining clubs and having competitions with peers is a great way to make new friends, build respect and learn team work, gain self-confidence, relieve stress and learn real-world skills. Students may choose any one of the following Clubs:

  1. 3RD Language Club - (A) संस्कृत
  2. 3RD Language Club - (B) German
  3. Art Club
  4. Craft Club
  5. Creative Writing - English Language
  6. Creative Writing - Hindi Language
  7. Design Thinking
  8. Dramatics Club -
  9. Eco - Friendly
  10. G.K. and Awerness
  11. Gardening
  12. Health and Wellness
  13. Indian Dance
  14. IT-Imp@ct Club - Coding
  15. Math - Late
  16. Music Club - (A) Indian Vocal
  17. Music Club - (B) Western Vocal
  18. Public Speaking - English Language
  19. Public Speaking - Hindi Language
  20. Still Photography
  21. The Indian Heritage
  22. Todh - Phod - Jodh

Friday Competitions

In order to provide more time to our students for co-curricular activities in the school and to help them achieve a certain level of proficiency in the discipline/ activity, the school conducts different competitions on Fridays for students.

Summer Camp

To help our students constructively utilize their time during summer vacation, we conduct a summer camp for two weeks. The students of Grades I-VIII can join the Summer Camp for activities like Art and Craft, Swimming, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Reading and Writing and Games etc.


The school undertakes to celebrate a student’s birthday in class by offering a gift to the student and sweets to the class. No student is permitted to bring any sweets or gifts to school.

Educational Trips

D.P.S Agra aims at educating children through live experiences. Its curriculum is not confined to books and campus only. The school organizes various educational trips and excursions for the students periodically. In this series the students of different Grades visit various places and gain information.

Adventure Trips

To teach the children about nature and to encourage the relationship with the outside world, we organize adventure based learning programs for our students. It also helps to explore interdependence and group dynamics. These Programs are primarily designed for:

  • Building Confidence and Self Worth in the students.
  • Helping students to challenge their mindsets and fears.
  • Building awareness of the basic teamwork and leadership.
  • Making students aware of their innate potential and build in "I CAN" and "I WILL" attitude.
  • Instilling basic life skills in students.