Admissions Open 2024-25

Delhi Public School Agra

(Under the aegis of The Delhi Public School Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi)

Affiliated to central board of secondary education, New Delhi

CBSE Affiliation No. 2130568

Coordinates: 27°12'22.1"N 77°55'42.8"E

DPS Edge

DPS Society

A Strong Foundation Built on Values, Traditions and Relationships.

The Delhi Public School Society has come a long way since it was established in 1949. With over 200 DPSs spread across the globe, the Society has been extremely successful in meeting its objective of providing quality education. That is because the DPS Society has been committed to a non-profit, non-proprietary pursuit of educational excellence since it was set up. In doing so, the Society has provided education to all by contributing to individual and national progress.


Delhi Public Schools, governed by The Delhi Public School Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi are one of the largest strings of public schools in India and overseas with 211 associates. Over a period of six decades DPS has amassed experience and expertise in managing K-12 education as not many possess, and this extent finds cerebration in the way education is passed on in our schools. DPS believes in not just educating but in upbringing students as proficient leaders of tomorrow - a fact proved by the prominence of the valedictorians of this string around the world.


We prepare our pupils to reach their full potential and succeed in life where world is one of ever-increasing change, challenge and diversity We are committed to ensuring our pupils are equipped with both the academic success and the dynamic qualities needed to excel. This is achieved primarily through an academically rigorous programme which is applied with the flexibility to encourage innovation while providing support depending on the needs of our pupils. Delivered by handpicked educators, our pupils benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages them to be aspirational lifelong learners. Based on a strong belief that every child is unique we conduct a bespoke analysis of every pupil's strength, needs and aspirations to plan a successful learning journey. We customise an educational pathway tailored to each individual in a personalised approach to learning.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum at our School assimilates the best from various sources and inspirations. There is a sustained balance between theoretical and practical knowledge imparted to students in their best academic interest. A plethora of co-scholastic and co-curricular activities are integrated with the mainstream curriculum, in order to ensure holistic development of our scholars. This empowers the children to unfurl their creativity and apply the acquired cognitive skills into real life situations, thereby letting them embark on a journey of self-discovery, In order to promote stress free and non-coercive learning, homework and assignment content are minimal as well as thought provoking.


The role of the teacher or an educator was considered the most important one in the learning process as they gave invaluable knowledge and wisdom to the children. We at DPS has firm belief that if a teacher is satisfied, he will give his utmost. The faculty members are well trained to apply all the five approaches of pedagogy- they're constructivist, collaborative, integrative, reflective and inquiry-based learning.

Beyond Academia

A healthy body and a mind that can appreciate nuances of aesthetics in nature and diverse human activity are essential requisites of a balanced human being. To facilitate that, the school’s calendar contains a host of co-curricular activities that cover a very wide spectrum of events round the year. Performing and visual arts, sports and games, environmental studies, meditation and yoga are practiced as a part of the routine. Thematic events are organised at regular intervals. Children are exposed to real world experience through interaction with the community. Trips and excursions to places of historical and social importance make them aware and informed. They also get opportunities to interact with experts and resource persons from various fields of human endeavour.